All-in-one sonic skin care system

TIA is a beauty device that answers your skin care needs. TIA’s gentle SkinSense technology combined with anti-aging applicator gives your skin a radiant look, all day long. Our unique dual-pulse technology takes care of face contouring, bringing out the best in your skin.
Night and day skin care rituals: adjust pulsation rate to jump-start the morning awekening your skin, or end the day on a soothing note.

  • 100%

  • A Full Charge
    Lasts Up To 6 Months

  • 2-YEAR
    Limited Warranty

Replaceable Silicone Brush Head

The replaceable silicone brush head
provides an unparalleled ultra-hygi-
enic cleansing experience.

SkinSense Technology

Lets pulsation build on contact with
user's face and increase in intensity

Anti-Aging Titanium Applicator

Improve blood circulation, cell vitali-
ty and oxygen absorption.

Dual Pusle Visage Mode

Dual pulse twin motor system gene-
rates low and high frequency pulsa-
tions which increase the strength and
definition of facial muscles.

Removable Silicone Brush Head

Gentle silicone brush takes the most significant step in a conscious skin care regimen to the next level, allowing for a deep cleansing. The silicone, which effectively resists bacteria build-up, is an optimal material choice already, but BeGlow took a step further, making the brush head removable so you can get the most out of your TIA device. The brush head is easy to clean, maintaining the the device’s hygienic condition after every use. We also advise to change the brush head once a year.

SkinSense Technology

Thanks to the gentle, yet powerful pulsations, TIA removes impurities and makeup more effectively than cleansing with hands.
Developing Skin Sense Technology, we focused on user experience, aiming to provide the most intuitive outcome. The pulsation
starts when cleansing brush touches your face, and you can control the intensity to suit the needs of your skin care regimen.

Dual Pulse Technology

The dual motion system generates low and high-frequency pulsations, stimulating facial muscles. It stimulates blood circulation, improving skin tone and effectively helps to refine cheekbones and visibly improve the jawline.

TIA Smart Skin Care Routine

  • STEP1: Cleansing

    Apply your favorite cleansing product and TIA will enhance its effect. Press control button 1 to start Skin Sense cleansing. The pulsation starts when cleansing brush touches your face. Adjust the pulsation according to your needs. Press control button 1 again to enter the standard cleansing mode.

  • STEP2: Anti-Aging

    Active the anti-aging applicator with control button 2 and press it’s titanium surface to the wrinkle-prone areas. The applicator has a unique pulsation, which helps improve blood circulation, reduce the visibility of pores and enhances the absorption of skin care products.
    areas that require lifting.

  • STEP3: DualPulse Contouring

    Press and hold control buttons 1 and 2 for 3 seconds to start the lifting mode, targeting double chin and other